Clear Your Doubts

With the use of PrepaidCardStatus, there is a fixed restriction on how do you use the card. Some cards may be gift cards that can be transferred to someone else for their use. In addition to using the card for purchases and payments, there is some important information that the user should regularly check when using the card. The card must be reloaded with a certain amount before being used for making any sort of purchases.

Carrying money is not a good option when you need to carry out many transactions at a time. It is better to have a card and not worry about theft or loss of money. Even if you lose your card, the money in your bank account remains safe. This is one of the primary advantages of using the PrepaidCardStatus Card.

PrepaidCardStatus FAQ

How do I activate my PrepaidCardStatus Card?

Just visit the website address and submit your PrepaidCardStatus card number along with the CVV number. The card will be activated in just a few seconds.

Can I use my PrepaidCardStatus like an ATM card?

In some ways. But, the card cannot be used as a gift card at all.

What are the uses of the Prepaid Card Status Cards?

PrepaidCardStatus is useful in circumstances where cash transactions are required, eg. Use it as a gift, transact, pay bills, shop insurance, purchase online, etc.

Are there any spending restrictions if I use the PrepaidCardStatus Card?

Yes, the amount you reload in your PrepaidCardStatus account works as your purchasing restrictions for your account.

Are the PrepaidCardStatus cards accepted all over the world?

Yes, because PrepaidCardStatus is a Visa / MasterCard, you can easily use these cards all over the world.

I have misplaced my PrepaidCardStatus Card. What shall I do now?

First of all, don’t worry even a bit. Just block your PrepaidCardStatus card and contact our customer representatives. They will help you.