The Comparison

All you have to do is activate your PrepaidCardStatus card by visiting the official website and submit your account username along with the password. Be aware of spending restrictions on your PrepaidCardStatus cards. Furthermore, the card is not linked to your bank account by any means, so its use is completely safe to use the card.

PrepaidCardStatus vs Debit Cards

Many people are not aware of the fact that what a PrepaidCardStatus card is. Well, a PrepaidCardStatus is a reloadable card that allows the users to make payments to their purchase securely.

You just need to reload a certain amount of money before you reload the PrepaidCardStatus Card. Users can only spend the limited amount that the card is being reloaded by for their purchases. A prepaid card can have a unique physical similarity to a debit card, but it works very differently. The PrepaidCardStatus card is not linked to your bank account by any means.

Your bank accounts are always linked to debit cards. For debit card transactions, the money is credited directly from your savings account. This can become a problem if the user goes too far with their transactions.

Loss of a debit card can expose their entire savings account to possible theft or other serious issues. However, the loss of a PrepaidCardStatus significantly reduces any exposure to their bank account. The PrepaidCardStatus card offers a much better security level as compared to other debit cards.

If you are aware of the PrepaidCardStatus Cards, you should already know that prepaid debit cards can offer many more advantages as compared to a traditional debit card. Benefits include that a saving account is not required to get a prepaid card. You can also have and use prepaid cards if your credit rating is very low. The official PrepaidCardStatus portal is easy for every user to register at.